Greetings from WV


9 Years
Mar 3, 2010
Good Evening Everyone,
As you can guess I'm new here and I haven't even got my chickens yet!
My name is Scott and I grew up in the big city of Cincinnati Ohio and was not allowed to get chickens growing up.
I moved to West Virginia and got married had two wonderful kids and now I want my chickens.
Someone please tell me I'm doing the right thing. I have waited so long for this.
I am driving my wife nuts. She says I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve.

My kids are 3 and 8 yrs old and can't wait to get the chicks.
Can anyone tell my what is the best egg layers and still be good with my kids.
My kids are great around animals so I don't have to worry about them.
I need some chicks that wont make my neighbor kill me from the noise.
I also want chicks that can handle the heat or cold.
I will heat the coop but I live in WV where you use the heat in the morning and AC the rest of the day.
Thank you for all your help.
Hey Scott!
from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us! I know what you're talking about being like a kid on Christmas day!!
I'm sure your wife will get to love your chickens!! Heck, even my hubby likes mine, even though he won't readily admit it! lol!! There are a lot of nice hens to chose from. Everyone seems to have their favorites. Mine are Barred Rocks!! I've also found the Road Island Reds really nice too, and of course the Buff Orpingtons!!! The list goes on and on!! You will pick some nice ones, you'll see!
But most of all, enjoy them, they're great pets too!!
from Ohio. So glad you joined. I like to get the wyandottes, barred rocks, and orpingtons. They are good winter layers. Just remember even the hens do make some noise when they are in the process of laying eggs. Good Luck.
from Indiana!

I have kids too... 8 & 14. It was important to me as well to get a breed of chicken that is kid friendly, and a good layer. My favorite breed for this very reason is Australorps! I have 3, and 3 more coming this month. Australorps are record holders when it comes to laying. Mine lay daily, and the eggs are huge! My girls are very tame and friendly, I have one that is really attached to my 8 yr old, she follows him around everywhere like a little puppy dog. Orpingtons are good too. I have a buff orp, that my 8yr old took on a sled ride around the back yard! I thought maybe she was there against her will, but after watching them, I think she enjoyed it! She just sat there, going for a ride, taking it all in. When my son got bored with it she just sat there on the sled like "HEY! Were you going!" Most brown egg layers are friendly. Just research your breeds. Good Luck!
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