grieving chicken?

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    Feb 10, 2008
    for anybody who can help...

    about 3- 4 months ago we adopted two baby chicks and both were sexed to be girls . It wasnt untl last week that one of them started t crow and we realised that our pearly girl was a bit of a cross dresser and was actually pearly the boy. So, as we couldnt keep a rooster we found a animal loving family in the country to take him and been the socialite little rooster he was he adapted fine.

    because both the chickens had grown up together they were very close and so by splitting them up we had one very lonely hen at home and we bought her home a mate to keep her company.

    Since then she is absolutely terrified of the other chicken and will run away or absoutely freeze when it comes near her.

    Priscilla (which is her name) has always been a very quiet and gentle chicken and lived in the shadow of her brother (as you can imagine a rooster would be rathe dominant, though he was never aggresive towards her or us) and so she is been picked on by this other chicken.

    She also seems quite isolated and lost and always in seek of cuddles from us but will not go near this other chicken.

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what was happening (i suspect she is grieving) or if anyone knew how i could help the chickens to get along at all.

    any help with this situation woudl be much appreciated as i am lost for ideas.
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    Yes, chickens can be close friends with others, especially when they grow up together. We had 2 RIR chicks, a hen and a rooster, who grew together and are now 3 months old. When we separate our hen from the rooster or the other way around, he will panic and cry and look around for his partner, and upon seeing the partner, she/he will run to him/her like crazy. Your hen might be experiencing the same.

    The hen might accept that her partner is gone as time goes and go along with the other chicken.

    Good luck!
  3. SpottedCrow

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    It may take a while...especially since the other two grew up together.

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