Marlys A

Jul 3, 2020
I had 3 6 month old hens. I always let them out of their coop-run area for an hour or so each evening. Last week one of the hens fell in our pool and drowned. After that, one of the other two won’t put herself back in the coop at night. She comes to me a bawks
I pick her up and put her to bed. Is it possible that she is grieving the one who died?
I am sorry for your loss.
Yes, your hen is grieving, and she was likely close to the hen who died. Chickens grieve differently than humans. In a few days it will be as if the hen was not there and the flock will move on. The grieving hen will hopefully bond with your other hen.
:welcome Sorry it’s under sad circumstances. To answer your question, Yes in my opinion. Was she allowed to see her friend’s body? It will just take time, and you are there for her. Try giving her favorite treat or mealworms. Enjoy your time here. There are a lot of caring people. Someone might come along and suggest you get two more girls the same age.

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