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K, we are knew to the whole chicken thing.... I was wondering what exactly "grit" is. My chicks are 3 weeks old, I have been given them dirt out of the yard, is this enough and ok? Would grit be better? Also, I have some that are getting pecked at, chicks are pulling out tail feathers on others and are bleeding, I have cleaned up the blood and put antibiotic ointment on them. They are getting starter feed, electrolytes in water and yogurt as a treat along with hard boiled eggs. ugh, they are naughty!! Any help would be great!!
grit is crushed granite ... but any kind of crushed rock should do ... but it has to be crushed pretty small .... sand works pretty good for small chicks as long as you aren't giving them raw grain

the ones that are getting pecked enough to bleed:
1. clean their wounds

2. put something foul tasting where they are getting pecked at - i have heard people using vicks vapor rub

sounds like they are getting a very good diet
Dirt from the yard should be fine as grit if it is sandy type soil. It's what your chicks would use if they were out with their mom's naturally. Make sure that the dirt is from an area that you do not treat with any kind of chemicals like bug and weed killer or fertilizer.

If your chicks keep getting bloodied you will have to separate them. Chicks will automatically peck at red spots so if they see a raw spot they will keep pecking at it and making it worse. You can try putting something that tastes bad on the wound but different chicks have different ideas of what tastes bad and you don't want to use anything peppery since that will burn in the wound. Usually the best type of something to taste bad to birds is something very bitter. I've never tried the Vicks so I don't know if it works or not, though that seems like it might burn at an open wound as well.

I don't know how old chickens have to be for peepers but you can find them on hatchery sites and other poultry supply places. They are a small device that goes on the beak and keeps them from seeing directly in front of them. It prevents each chicken from picking at other chickens.

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