Grit has an odd smell

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    I wish I had saved the package, but the suspect grit is a red color. I bought just a small bag (5#?) because my ducks are free range and my chicken gets let out to do the same when I'm around. When I poured it from the sack to another container I noticed it had a strong odor. I figured that they wouldn't sell me anything that was bad and if the birds were offended they wouldn't eat it. Does grit normally have an odor? Should I worry about it? I've been giving it to the ducks by sticking a cup or so in one of their many water bowls, I figured the water might rinse it out. Not sure if they even notice it as they chase imaginary creatures on the bottom of the bowl with their bills. The hen just goes about her business of kicking things with her feet, just like any other hen. I don't want to buy a different brand just to find out it has the same smell. The feed store also has one that is gray colored and perhaps a bit smaller. I have 2 chicks and 3 duckies and plan to get two more duckies. I don't want to feed them anything that will be bad. Since poultry don't seem to eat by how it smells, I don't want them eating things just because I give it to them.
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    You may have purchased grit that is intended for pigeons. You describe it as reddish in color. I get it by the large bag 40 lbs. and give to my chickens as well. It is fortified with minerals and other necessities for good nutrition. (as grit not feed) You may be smelling the different ingredients since it is a processed product. I would not worry about using it. JMO. My chickens live long lives.
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    X2. My grit also has a strong smell to it, as well as being red in hue. [​IMG] Everyone is healthy, happy, and vigorous in spite of it!


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