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Jul 19, 2011
Midland, TX
I have 12 guineas and 6 chicks, all about 7 weeks old and fully feathered. I give them treats occasionally of fresh greens, boiled eggs, bread, and BOSS. I have put chick sized grit out for them and have an issue. I first put the grit in an old ceramic cereal bowl. The guineas especially love to get in the grit dish and scratch it everywhere. I can fill up the bowl and by the end of the day the bowl is empty and there is grit all over the ground around the bowl. So, I decided to change tactics and put it in an extra chick feeder that I had (the ones that the mason jar screws into the top and it is gravity fed). Same thing happened. I filled it up yesterday and the entire feeder is dumped over and there is grit all over the ground. Our soil is very fine, so there is not "grit" readily available in the soil for them to pick up. What else can I do.... should I just scatter the grit on theg round and let them naturally pick it up or does anyone have any other methods for me to try? Thanks in advance for the help!!!


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May 2, 2011
mine are in the backyard all day so probably not a problem here, but, I bought a little bag of chicken grit, paid $6 for it, 5 lb. Then I got the bright idea of buying a 40# bag of play sand for $4.99. I just poured it out on the ground. Works great. The sand is all different sizes. I plan to buy another bag to pour in the hen house.

pam in TX

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