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Mar 7, 2013
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When my chicks were in the brooder, I would sprinkle grit in their food but I didn't feed it in a separate container. I added grit when I started giving the chicks treats. They were just moved out to the coop and currently eating grower feed. I thought I would add a container of grit to their coop so they could eat as needed. I went out to check on them today and they completely ate all 2 cups of grit in one day! (I have nine 7 week olds.) It seemed like an excessive amount. I was hoping I could get some insight from the experts on how much grit they should have and if I should provide it at all times. I should add that they have not been allowed out of the coop since we just put them out there last weekend and the run is not quite secure.

We also have PDZ in the poop boards and I have seen them eating this as well. Is this another form of grit?

I appreciate any help for a newbie!!

And of course a picture of the "grit consumers"!

I'm new to this as well, but that does seem like a lot, given they do not really need it if they are eating just the grower feed. They supposedly will consume what they need. Are you feeding them a lot of treats or other scraps that might be causing them eat more grit? PDZ is a mineral and they will eat it as well. From what I've gathered on this forum, it works the same as grit and is safe to consume.
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They will eat as much grit as they need. When they go outside, you won't notice the amount they take in from the soil.

I have never fed my chickens grit. I do feed them oyster shell after they start laying, in its own bowl, free choice. Also, my chickens have access to a large run.
I am new to this as well. Mine just moved outside and I was wondering if they need grit because they are eating grass/bugs/other crawlies found in the coop. They are still on the chick starter that says they can have it to 16 weeks. Should they be fine or do I need to get them some?
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