Grit, Treats and Behavior

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Mar 11, 2018
I have 4 chicks and 3 baby ducks. For the first couple days I left the food and water in the brooder overnight--lesson learned. I think the ducks played all night and no one got any rest. Tonite I put the ducks in the bathtub for about 45 minutes and boy they loved it. They are all peacefully sleeping now.

I have been handling them as much as possible and so far so good. The chicks eat out of my hand and sleep in my hand. One is completely friendly and I've been talking to her telling her how precious she is and apparently I've said Precious enough times that she now comes to the name. I wasn't going to name her that, but it is fitting and she responds to it, which makes her all the more precious. I've noticed that she kind of digs/kicks my hand then either lays down on my hand or as close as possible. Is there a reason she kicks or digs? She can be clear across the coop and comes flying when I put my hand in and call her name. It amazes me. The ducks are named Lucy, Ricky and Sunshine(Sunny for short)

So tomorrow I'm going to get some sand as grit and the day after I am making scrambled eggs as a treat. Can the ducks eat scrambled eggs? Do they require grit? Can sand for them fit the bill? I want to add other little stuff slowly, like plain yogurt, pasta and some fruits. Can they(chicks and ducks)have cottage cheese?

I'm also considering using sand in a good portion of the coop which is covered, but if the sun shines to bright, will the sand get to hot for them? I'm going to have to incorporate a small pool or tub for the ducks, they love water to much not to.
The ducks can have scrambled eggs,the sand idea is great.Wouldnt offer fruit as there are some
Fruits chickens cannot have.They can have cottage cheeese?but remember keeps treats at a minimum.
Miss having baby chicks.

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