GROSS. might be mites

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    Jan 19, 2009
    ok this is COMPLETELY gross but a sorta happy story... happy in the sense that i jsut went to my first chicken auction and got one heck of a deal on a pair of Sultans. i really thought sultans were great creatures very beautiful ( mine look a lil beat up though lol) ANYWAY htey are in a pen outside of my coop so they can get used to things and i can make sure they arent ill or whatever . so i went to the coop this late afternoon knowing my flock would be getting ready to roost and id just watched the news its supposed to be pretty chilly tonight so i was gonna move a crate into my coop so theyd be in a non drafty space in good range of the heat lamp but i second guessed myself ( thank God) i decided to do a once over on the pair make sure there were no visible signs of ickyness and grabbed my new hen and (as she screamed murder) i did the once over ending with looking at her vent, as i got a clear view of her vent i saw a good number of FLESH COLORED BUGS trying to RUN INTO HER VENT!!!!! i about barfed on my pretty new hen that now grosses me out everytime i look at her ( not her fault i know but yuck lol)

    So are these things MITES and what should i do i bought a spray at Rural king that you can spray on the bird and in their coop... i need advice ASAP! [​IMG]
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    Dust them with diatomaceous earth. And an extra dose for the backside.[​IMG]
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    You can use sevin garden dust or a dog flea and tick spray. If they are flesh colored it could be lice. Lice are kinda shaped like rice. Good luck. By the way, I'm itchy all over now, [​IMG]

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