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Mar 11, 2016
South Carolina
Hello!! I recently purchased 12 2 yr old hens and they all had intensely clipped wings. I mean almost nubs and all the feathers not just the flight feathers like normally clipping. How long will it take for their wings to 'grow' back if at all? Thanks guys!!!
They will molt and all feathers will be replaced with new ones.
This may take some time but it will happen. When my girls are in molt, I give them extra protein such as scrambled eggs and tuna. I also give them Nutrena NatureWise Feather Fixer feed.
Best wishes!
Breed can important with adults. Some already replacing wing feathers (started back in May or June) and will not be complete until mid to late fall. Others will not start molting wing feathers until August / September and replacement will be more rapid finishing in mid to late fall as well. Clipping more effective on latter group.
Were the feathers really clipped or were these chickens de-winged at the hatchery? De-winging is where they remove the end of the wing right after hatch. That way they don’t have to clip wings after each juvenile and adult molt. Like many things in animal husbandry it sounds horrible but in reality it isn’t that bad. Still, it’s not something I do.

If the feathers were really clipped and part of the shaft is left in the feather follicle, the feathers will not grow back until they molt. In South Carolina that’s probably this fall. If the entire shaft is gone they should start growing back fairly soon.

I’m having some trouble understanding why someone would clip all the feathers and not just the flight feathers. Maybe they just didn’t know what they were doing. Could you ask why from where you got them? You might learn something interesting. I’m not aware of why someone would do that.

July is still early in South Carolina for a molt, but are they molting. Maybe the stress of moving started a molt. Or if they had been on artificial lights and no longer are, that could trigger a molt if their days are now “shorter”.
Three black Australorps, two rirs, one buff orphington, two ee crosses, two amerianas, and two unknown pullets( they were not clipped). The previous owner said she had a neighbor 'fix' their wings so they wouldnt jump the fence. They are obviously clipped incorrectly. It would not surprise me that they would have bled from the close cut. I think it was sheer ignorance instead of malice. I very much doubt they were hatchery born but theres always a chance she bought them off a friend as chicks. I am not going to clip them when the feathers grow back, just my preference. They didnt have lights at their old home; they will have heat lamps when it gets cold here but thats all. Ive had my original flock for eight yrs but even still have a hard time telling molting times hahaha

This is one of the rirs, she is one of the 'nicer' clipped of the group, the worst is an australorp and she is hiding right now lol

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