Growing mushrooms in the chicken run?

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    I have some spawn for oyster mushrooms. I've notice mycelium for wild mushrooms when I turn the deep leaf litter in my hens' run.

    Does anyone have (or know of) mushrooms in chicken runs?

    I don't really care if the hens eat the mushrooms or if I can harvest them for table use, but the idea of raising cleansing fungi in the run appeals to me.
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    Hello there, Well, I tried to grow oyster mushrooms a couple of years back - the hens loved 'em! I didn't grow them in the run itself, but I can't think of a good reason why you couldn't. Perhaps someone else here can also advise you. Good luck with your project! [​IMG]
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    Beware of this...make sure you know what it is before eating it.

    I'd sow your oyster mushroom spawn somewhere you can harvest it for yourself (you can always share it with the chickens), the chickens will probably just tear it up.
    Hard to know if your chicken run is the right environment for it to grow anyway.

    I used to grow shiitake, it can be a lot of work but, it was really cool.

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