Growing so fast!!

Hand Mama

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Jul 27, 2020
I have just bought a child's play pan for my little brood, they're growing so fast!! Sturdy, waterproof, washable, lots of room to run around & easy on the eye😁


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Jul 31, 2020
Alpharetta, Ga
i was amazed at how fast my 6 grew out of the 30 gallon tub I had them in when I first got them. They still had space but they were ready to jump out so I moved them to a large dog create and everyone is happy.

Dee Dub

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Jul 4, 2020
Perry, FL
They do grow fast! I started my 8 EE's in my spare bathtub. Moved them to a 3x3x3 compost bin lined with a plastic tarp and topped with mesh screen at 2 wks. They are now 4 wks old & getting a little crowded...starting to establish a pecking order & compete for spots on the roosting bar. I do have a 10x20 run outside that is covered with chicken wire. I am working on putting together a coop to go inside the run (all parts painted...need assembly) and constructing a wood frame with hardware cloth to go around the bottom 4 ft of the enclosure (I have lab pups that I think might go thru the chicken wire so need to reinforce). All parts of the wood frame are cut and almost done painting. I am using Simpson hardware to construct all the joints. Will post pics once done...hopefully by end of next week.

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