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    I've been weighing my 6 new chicks about every two weeks and recording their mass in google docs spreadsheet. They are currently 19 and 20 weeks old and last weighed on Fri July 6, 2012. All different breeds. All pullets, though I'm about 10% unsure on the marans due to an awful voice, huge feet, and fast growth.

    I just made a chart with the data for those interested, for details and notes see the tab below the chart. 3 were hatched a week after the other 3, so I charted it by age not by date.

    They have had great nutrition from the day we got them, including balanced un-medicated starter feed, a couple days of chick vitamin water each week for the first few weeks, and a serving of pro-biotic gel (nutrients and gut bacteria), chick grit, many earth worms, some insects, veggies berries, scratch grains, various seeds, grass, etc. (In other words, they're spoiled kids.)
    And at least 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight(no glass) every day, for the first couple weeks, more as they got bigger and schedule permitting, free ranging a bit by 8 weeks.(the vitamin water also had vitamin D and K)
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    That's a pretty cool idea, mine are in Week #2 but I might just have to start a growth chart for them as well!
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    Thats quite fastinating! Thanks for sharing! What a great idea!! [​IMG]
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    I just came across a couple threads, pics, and hatchery listings that have me thinking Thelma may actually be a Speckled Sussex not a Welsummer.
    I bought them all at my favorite feed store and they keep similar colored chicks in seperate brooders, and they only carry 4 breeds per batch/ per week. (they also do various turkeys and ducks) All are pullets, as advertised.
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    Can you post a picture of Thelma?
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    Sorry for the slight blur to some of them, she moves constantly.(more than the others) I didn't get a picture from the front but she has a fairly broad looking breast for her size.

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    Updated numbers. And Rue, the Barred Rock, is sitting on the others' eggs for an hour+ each day but she hasn't started laying yet. So far only* Eleanor the Golden sex-link is laying. (Eggs started at 36grams July 1st, got up to 47grams after about 10 days and have held steady since.)

    *Of the new chicks. Our year old EE hen tool a 12 day break this month, but is back to laying one 62g/large AA a day.

    Derived from the USDA minimum weight per dozen. 2 peewees= 1 jumbo
    35.4 - 42.5g peewee [1.25-1.5oz]
    42.5-49.6g small [1.5-1.75oz]
    49.6-56.7g med [1.75-2oz]
    56.7- 63.8g large [2-2.25]
    63.8-70.9g extra large[2.25-2.5]
    70.9+ Jumbo [2.5+]
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    It's still the same link.
    Current numbers converted to pounds & ounces put Eleanor at 3lb 15.8oz; the middle bunch about 4lb 12 oz; and Marge at 6lb 4.0oz
  9. Thelma's a speckled sussex and your chart didnt work for me :(
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    Thank you good to know.

    I just tried the chart on a whole different computer, different operating system, and different web browser; without ever having been logged in to google or BYC on that computer; and the chart came up just fine. What happens when you click the link?
    Try just copying the link and pasting it into your browser's address bar.

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