Growth on keel bone


11 Years
Jul 23, 2008
At least two of the three Rangers I processed this week had a growth of some sort on the keel bone. It was about the size of a quarter and maybe 1/4 inch at the thickest. I wrote the first one off as an oddity, but the second has me more curious. I did not take a picture...any ideas?
It was under the skin. And, attached in some way to the bone, not just floating in there.
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I asked a professional processor about the growth today (while he had one of my birds with such a growth in front of him). He called it a callus and then qualified by saying maybe that isn't the right word. He cut it off suggesting that I wouldn't want the liquid inside it to run out during roasting.

I'm still a bit curious because this growth seemed to be a living part of the chicken rather than what I think of as a callus (being dead since it can be filed or shaved).

The person I spoke to said it wasn't caused by constant time on the ground, but rather was more common in birds that roosted in coops with hard floors, when they jump off the roost they may injure their breast.
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I don't have an answer for you, but I am interested. If it were me I would take t to a vet or even a Dr if you have one that is a friend, even if they don't know birds they could probably identify what type of growth it is.
We processed a turkey last week that had something similar - a callus like growth right there on the keel bone. They were a 4H thing for the neighbors granddaughter - the mom needed work done on her car, so DH traded for the turkeys - I don't know a lot about them, but could find out I guess. They were/are huge! 50 lbs after we processed them - no lie! The smallest one had a growth like what you describe - we just cut around it (and threw the lump out) and used that bird mostly for ground meat/sausage and smoked the legs and wings. I would LOVE to know if you find anything else out though! (Will say we ate it and survived if that helps
) I'm a big dork, I know

I will say my friends son was here with us - he's 6 and super intelligent - when he saw it he proclaimed the turkey "had cancer - look it's a lump on it's breast - must be breast cancer!" Maybe...IDK...but it was cute if not correct.

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