12 Years
Sep 14, 2007
Modesto Ca

Well there is a wild rooster coming by our house lately. I dont know whose it is. Well at 5 am It comes over and crows! Ruins everyone;s sleep! Then he"MATES" my hens. THen today, he influence one of my hens to fly away! How do I get rid of him without a gun(unless i make it). He flies away when I get 30 ft close to it! Any homemade trap? A homemdae gun? Anything?! Animal control here siad theycant do anything! Im mad!
I think the only way to solve it without a gun would be trapping it. They have traps that they use for ducks, it is just a feedpan trigger that activates a net. I do not know how much they cost. You look up plans for chicken traps and make your own, rather than buying one.

If you watch the roo with bonoculars, you may be able to learn where it roosts. Wait for dark and catch it, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

The other way I see this working is borrowing someone's dog that would chase it and give it the fright of it's life and hope he doesn't want to come back.

I'm sorry you got such a pesky feral roo, I hope it can be resolved. Around here, every now and then people will dump gamebirdsand gamebird crosses in the nearby woods, usually the predators get to them before they are ever a problem for me.

There was one little hen however, that managed to outfox the neighborhood fox and live feral for several months. She hung around and tried to get in with my flock, I would throw her grain every now and then. One day when I walked into the coop, I left the door open and she ran into the coop. I shut the door and went out later to get my hands on her. She turned out to be a good chicken, taught my flock how to freerange well.

Hope it all works out!
Maybe you could put your girls in a cages for a day or two. Leave the cages in the coop with the door open. If he is like most roos, he will look for them. If he goes in the coop, shut the door, and wait til after dark and pick him off the roost.

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