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Discussion in 'Geese' started by jamsterdam, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Oct 19, 2013
    I am hoping for some information on using geese as livestock protection. I am looking for first hand recommendations on which breeds of geese make the best protectors of chickens/ducks. I have always heard African geese are supposed to be the best, but are there any less noisy options? Is it the wall of noise created by these geese that make them such effective guards? Are they only effective against other birds or do they work against small mammals as well?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I find they don´t really protect, as such...mine only protect their young from my dogs, who are frightened of the geese anyway, and from strangers, other geese, ducks and chickens!..oh, and my cats! They don´t like it when I catch up the other birds, they gather around and make a fuss, but they wouldn´t really protect the other birds from anything dangerous, they´d watch and make a lot of noise about it! [​IMG]
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    Agree with livininbrazil.

    Geese make excellent alarms/doorbells, but don't count on them protecting anything. Geese are no match for predators. They're more aggressive when it comes to protecting their own young, but it's doubtful they'd even consider ducks and chickens members of their gaggle.

    What they can do is alert you to trouble, but prepare for lots of "the ducks got too close again", "a car just drove by", and "the wind made the tarpaulin make that weird sound" alerts.

    Chinese geese are said to be a noisier breed, not Africans.
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    Mine shout "the minibus has just passed", "that´s our neighbour, I know his car!", "Oh, the food lady´s arrived!" "Duck coming in to land!"
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    [​IMG] and right now those ducks are at it again better go break it up.
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