Guess it's time for me to introduce myself offically!


6 Years
Feb 12, 2017
Fieldbrook, California
Hello BYC!

I'm Abby. I could write the longest story about how I ended up with chickens, but I am going to try to keep it shorter and say that there were chickens when I moved into my current house a little over 2 years ago. Before I lived here, I didn't really like chickens, which now seems like an impossibility.

Currently I have 2 adult hens: Kung Pao "The Survivor" a Plymouth Barred Rock & Little Red "The Independent" a Rhode Island Red. 6 adolescents: 2 Cochins (buff & silver-laced), 2 D'Uccles (mille fleur), 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 bantam frizzle Cochin (black). Also I have 2 chicks that hatched 2-3 days ago which are Barred Rock crossed with Freedom Ranger (they carry lineage from the first chickens we had here, like our own special 'heritage' breed ;)). So that's 10 in all! I have lost 3 hens and 1 roo that I loved dearly, but in the beginning I also had 2 hens that just decided to leave (they all have the freedom to if they want, but most of them want to stick around!).
I love (am obsessed with) my chickens and they are part of the family. Quite a bit of my time is now devoted to caring for, and thinking about them. In my search for information about how to care for chickens, both in the everyday and emergency situations, BackYard Chickens kept popping up! At first I wasn't that into the idea of forums (social media isn't really my thing) but I quickly discovered lots of valuable information on here and a great community of fellow chicken lovers!

A bit more about me:
I'm 29. I live in Coastal (Northern-)Northern California with my boyfriend of nearly 6 years, in a great little community near where we both grew up. My 9 year old Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Monster, is my furchild. I have a menagerie of tropical and desert plants (probably 30+/-) inside my house that I can talk your ear off about! Also I love to cook so I have an herb, fruit and vegetable garden outside as well. I am lucky to live in a place where you can grow just about anything. I like to be self-sufficient so I do just about everything from auto tech, to beauty and fashion, to medical care and much more. I love to learn and be informed. Answers to every question I have is a Google search away! The internet is my favorite :lol:.
BYC is my go-to for everything chicken and I am so thankful that it's here. I had no idea how cool chickens were and what wonderful pets they are to have. I'm glad to see that they are catching on and there is a wonderful and ever growing group of people who are discovering the same thing.
I can't wait to learn more and being able to pass on the knowledge I have to fellow chicken enthusiasts!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you all on the threads.


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