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Dec 29, 2011
Warm.... Under a blanket... In Alaska...
This is a guess the breed... Only horse-y version

So a few rules..
1~ Do not spam! Don't post 5 times in a row 'because you forgot a breed', edit your post!
2~ This kinda contridicts the 1st rule, but don't edit your first post because someone else posted a breed you think it is and then take credit for it. Just... no.
3~ I post the first horse, person who gets it right posts next horse, the person who gets that one right gets to post the next horse, etc. (If you win the next chance to post a horse, but you want to give it to someone else, just post something like ' Well so&so will post the next horse' )
4~ Don't just jump in and post a random horse picture... Only 1 picture being guessed on at once
5~ (Last rule, I promise :] ) Say someone posted a appaloosa, and someone guessed that, but someone guessed it after that, the person who guessed appaloosa first, would win and post the next picture, Don't pic favorites and choose the second person because 'you like them better'
And not a rule but try to get a clear, pic of the horses full body, if you can't specify what the legs look like or whatever part of the body is chopped / can't be seen in the photo
6 ~ You have 72 hours to post a new horse... Then someone may post a new horse, the first person to realize. If you post after someone and didn't realize they posted first, EDIT your post, please.
So... Start !

**For this guy I shall require you get his German name
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