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Jun 9, 2017
NW Missouri
Sooo, @Butterscotchbitesfinger started a thread that sparked an idea.......
I decided to start a thread where we can guess horse breeds. It will be fun, and educational too!
I'm going to use pics from Google, (hope that's okay) because i only have 1 horse. :)
Ok, here are the rules:

1. If using pics from Google, please make sure the horse is PUREBRED! Meaning, go to the website, and check to make sure. If it's not clear, don't use the picture.

2. I'm going to post the first pic, then whoever guesses right, gets to post the next pic, and so on.

3. Add a few characteristics, or hints when you post if you want.

4. You can give out hints, if people ask, but try not to give it away too easily.

Okay, here goes! Have Fun!


From Turkmenistan
Adapted to live in places where there is little water and food
Have a cream gene/diluted gene that makes them shine

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