Guess the goslings' breed

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  1. So for my bday, a friend came over with 3 little goslings. Adorable darlings, but he has no idea what they are. He's going to ask his dad, but for the meantime I'm guessing!! Now, they are TALKERS and the one photographed doesnt have a knob, one does though.
    It also has a swirl of fuzz, which makes me think something tufted (his dad paid a ridiculous price for 2 geese, they messed up his order And gave him 15, lol)
    He also is making some honking noises. I'm thinking Chinese, but the lack of knob isn't making sense
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    I have no idea but that one is sure a cutie, and Happy Birthday.
  3. Thanks ! :D
    I can't tell if they're talkers or I just need some more goslings to compare ;)
  4. Its a white chinese. I can tell by how far the bill goes up between the eyes. It looks just like mine when it was that age. As for the fuzzy tuft thats probably fluff it will come off. Mine looked like It had an afro from the 70's.
    This is my white chinese gosling with its pied chinese sibling at 10 wks old. A little older than yours but you can see the bill for comparison
  5. Aww, cute!
    Yep, I figured. I like Chinese, i entered some ducks at the fair, and every day I pass this little white Chinese who makes THE cutest noises and is just SO adorable!
  6. They love to tell you their opinions whether or not you understand what they are honking about lol mine always have something to say
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    Congrats on the new goslings. Here is a lesson on the goslings you have. They are Chinese because the nostrils are down on the lower part of the bill. The knob does not come until they get older. The male ganders will have a much larger knob develop as they mature. The female goose will have a much smaller knob when she matures. Plus they are all yellow that means they will be white.
    Hope this helps you now.....
  8. Thanks!
    I was simply saying knob for lack of a better word, but one has a little bump-like knob on his nose which I figured would suggest boy?
    I did look up how to sex them, but thanks! And the friend who gave them to me confirmed white Chinese as well. :) so no doubt at all whatsoever (not that i doubted y'all ;) )
    I love the little sweeties... Are these good brooders? Known for going broody or? Thanks, come next fair I'd love to bring some goslings with a mom (this year I had a chicken w/ chicks, but had to switch out moms for her being stressed and picking on the chicks, so I put the other hen there who was originally brooding w/ her w/ the chicks and they're doing great now)
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    A fair in Alaska sure wish I could be there to see it all.
  10. I fought all 3 of mine this year trying to keep them from going broody. One i could pick up and set off the nest the other two i had hubby to deal with. I gave one, three brown chinese to raise that i had incubated. They are 3 1/2 mos old now and she is still very protective. The other is still mad at us for disturbing her lol

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