Guess what I did?


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
Well yesterday my mother n law said: Tractor supply has baby chicks! so. hmmm
then the mail came and I got my eggs to hatch and guess what else came in the mail? I coupon to get a free waterer if you buy 6 or more chicks! So.. I went and got my free waterer!! lol
I got 4 RIR(did the wing sex tip-double layers=girl?) and 2 banty cochins or something with feathers on it's feet, and 4 golden yellow girls and 2 black girls. No one had a clue to breeds except for the RIR!!
So I may need some of you experts to help me if I can get pictures.
I was looking closer at the 2 black ones in there and one has just a smidge of rust color on head and maybe on neck, so maybe she is a blk sex link! yeah, but the other has just a tat of yellow on her underside, do you think she could be an astralorpe? I hope so. As far as the yellow ones. they are not the bright pale yellow so they are kinda gold, I am hoping I didn't get white chickens! I wanted Buffs.

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