Guesses on Color posibilities for Mix breed

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Mar 30, 2012
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Wasn't sure the best location to post this so I picked this one.

I have two chicks that are a mix from a Silver Phoenix roo over a Salmon Favorelle. I will add some pics later. Both chicks are totally different in their baby colors. Someone out there with genetic experience want to give me the possible color combinations that might occur?

Any Guesses, educated or otherwise, are welcome.

Here are mom and dad:

What do the chicks look like? This is what you get if you plug those into the chicken calculator:

black patterned redshouldered cream duckwing pullets and cockerels

keesmom - I had hoped you would chime in. You always have good Fav info.

I will try to get some pics today.

Believe it or not I set them under broodies in two different batches.

One that is now 5 weeks started out black and yell and is now feathering out with kind of what I would call a gold laced pattern.

The newest one is mostly yellow with a couple of gray spots. I would guess it would be a splash if I didn't know better.

The black one in the pic is the now 5 week old. She has 5 toes, feathered legs, black face/legs, muffs.

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