Apr 18, 2016
Rolla/St. James, MO
Sorry to ask again but we still don't know what we have. We know we have one roo because he started crowing. NONE of the others have started laying yet. They are all around 4-5 mths old now. There are a few that really look like roosters but don't know enough to say so myself. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for any help you can give. Oh also, why does the rooster keep grabbing our turkeys (hens we think) by back of head or neck and pushing them down to the ground? Just trying to say he's the boss?
I think those two look like pullets.
Your young roo is probably just practice mating!
I am guessing the Buff one is a she also. If my guesses are right, you'll get eggs soon. Is there any chance of a hidden nest? Do you have fake eggs of some sort in the nest boxes?
They roam around our property during the day but I try to check for any hidden nest spots. No fake eggs yet but will try the golf ball trick. Don't have the ceramic eggs yet. The BSL in first pics has one or two long feathers sticking up out of its tail and that's what made me question it.
They all look like girls. Heritage breeds can take 6 months to start laying. Your BSL should start soon. Are any squatting when you reach out to them, or practising their egg song? Those are signs they are getting ready to start laying. Hopefully they'll be laying you lovely eggs soon. You could shut them up for a few days to see if they are laying elsewhere.
I noticed the BSL was laying down several times yesterday. Even when eating. They like to roost on top of their pen when it starts getting dark. I put them in their pen and lock the door for the night so nothing can get to them. Last couple of nights they have been flapping a their wings and squawking like crazy when I pick them up. All except the rooster. He sits there making a low almost growling sound. Like saying leave my hens alone! Funny sound. Not sure what the egg song sounds like haha have seen it mentioned in other forums but don't know what to listen for.

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