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Just wondering if I will have a BA roo over brown laying hens or a BA pullet in this one. One day I have myself convinced it is a pullet - it only got comb growth and color rather suddenly in the last week or so and it is about 14 weeks old now - and the next I look at it and see roo. Here are the pics taken today:



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I'm really new at this, but I'm going to say rooster. It's tough to be sure, though, because the other birds in the photos look like EEs or Ameraucana mixes, so they will have a tiny pea comb in comparison to a hen of a different breed.

For comparison, here's a photo of ~8-wk-old RIRs, both hens and roos.


If I remember correctly, Australorps have a different, smaller comb than other breeds, so that could be why it's only just now popped up.

Once again, I'm sticking my inexperienced neck out and will probably find out I'm wrong. Please wait for more opinions before believing mine!

I have had rooster-not-hen problems, too, so here's hoping I'm wrong!
Good luck!

Wait! I've changed my mind! It's a hen!
Yes, the white bird in front is an EE, the others are a polish pullet ( thanks Asylum she is my sons favorite ) and a Porcelain D'Uccle roo, he showed his true colors very early! My problem is I have no other BA here to compare to - all I have is other breeds. My BR pullets are both getting bigger pinker comb development now as well as some of the others here. My roos all showed themselves by about 6 weeks old. And, when this BA started developing the comb and wattles it was like IN DAYS there it was! Basicly overnight. But it is bigger than my BR girls. My other pullets turned roos were just obvious way before now, that is why I am holding out some hope that she really is a she and not a late blooming fella. But, gosh that comb and wattles......
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