Guessing the sex and breed of my babies...


Apr 26, 2017
I have tried to get the best pics I could...I hope I did well enough. If not, then I will try again tomorrow or the next day. I received these chicks from a lady who had too many. She said they were all female. She also said some are Blue Maran, some are Silkie, and some are Turkens. Well...I am fairly new to chickens but I have done a lot of reading and looking around. The "turkens" seem to be part turken, part silkie....both have extra toes. I do have a couple of silkies that are total fluff balls with bunny like tails but I have 1 that is not a fluff ball so it must be a mix as well. I have 1 that I have no clue as to what it is. I do have 3 that appear to be blue maran. I have 2 that are black bantams. I have 11 chickens total (looking at getting a few more tomorrow). Trying to identify what type/sex they are is killing me, and I have posted in other groups and no one will even reply. So, hopefully I can get some help here. Bear with me...I'm trying to figure this out. I tried to get multiple pics of each one that i'm asking about.I hope I did this right. another dark blue may 31 2017.jpg 0530171528-1.jpg 0530171528a-1.jpg 0530171528c-1.jpg 0530171528d-1.jpg 0530171529a-1.jpg 0530171529b-1.jpg dark blue bird again may 31 2017.jpg dark blue bird may 31 2017.jpg light blue may 31 2017.jpg nugget may 31 2017.jpg popcorn may 31 2017.jpg Sage and blues may 31 2017.jpg white bird may 31 2017.jpg chicka May 31 2017.jpg chicka2 May 31 2017.jpg


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I forgot to add that the bigger ones are around 9 weeks old and the smaller ones are around 7 weeks old (they all may be a tiny bit older)

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