Guide to Chicken poo.

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    I don't know if you have seen this before - you probably have - but it is a very good site showing chicken poo in all its normal forms, and not so normal. It will reassure you that what you are seeing is normal [or otherwise]
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    Thanks - good to see
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    I've seen this page before but love it [​IMG] Always good to re-post it now and then for those who haven't seen it -
    Thanks ! [​IMG]
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    Dec 2, 2010
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    One of my chickens seems to be a little on the sick side. She has been a little lethargic and really hasn't been eating well. I just tried to force feed her some oatmeal with an egg mixed in and she would not take it at all! I happened to be out by the coop and she released something which I can only describe as water or egg white! I thought it might be an unformed egg (there was quite a bit). She has had the "trots" for a day or so but she seems to be drinking fine just not eating and she is doing a lot of sleeping.

    I went into the coop and she isn't too bad as she tried to run away and she was looking for her sisters and calling to them, but I can tell she isn't 100%

    I am going to keep an eye on her for another day and then if she isn't better I will have to be a little more aggresive with feeding etc.

    The poo pictures were good because I have never had chickens so I can at least be assured the the other four are doing ok! I don't think the one girl is so good though cause water coming out of her bum doesn't seem to be the norm. It did have some pee in it though because there were some white streaks but it definitely looked like egg white!

    Is that possible for her to have an egg in there that isn't coming out? And if it is what do I do to find out? I did notice earlier as well that she had very green poo come out of her and when it came out I thought that she had prolapse because I could see her insides come out with the poo. I picked her up and looked at her bum but it all looks ok!

    I know this isn't the normal place for a post like this but if someone can give me some advise please do because I am a newbie with regards to chickens and I am really starting to love this gals so I don't want anything to happen to them!

    Thank you for any advise [​IMG]
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    Quote:Funny .....only people on BYC would state that is was "good to see" a site on chicken droppings! [​IMG]
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    This may sound crazy, but thank you for the poop pictures!! I was worried after seeing some earthworm looking stuff in my chickens, thinking they were bleeding from being sick, but now I know it was shed intestine lining!! Thank you for the link!! [​IMG]

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