Guinea Egg question


9 Years
Jul 12, 2010
One of my 2 guinea eggs pipped somewhere between 430am-630am this morning, the egg has made no progress since pipped, but I do hear peeping(I think)....Is this normal for them to take this long...the other egg has pipped yet...Today is day 27.....
Ok, I read where guineas take 27-28 days to hatch...what is the humidity ?? Maybe it needs increasing some...
The farmer i know who has guinea hens says that they take around 31 days to hatch and he's been raising them for several years now. But just in case i would look around online to make sure, he told me this a long time ago.
Well, one hatched at 7am this pip or action on egg #2....guess 1 is better than none....Thanks for the replies!

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