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    We have two brown eggers, one EE and the rest white, we also have guineas. They are all young and are just starting to lay. We have been getting two brown eggs a day and know which chickens are laying them. Over the last week we have gotten two eggs that are an ivory color about the same size as the brown eggs... maybe a bit smaller. What do guinea's eggs look like? I wasn't expecting any in the winter but I can't think of who else would be laying them.
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    I have some young guines that have started to lay, i found a few over the last week in with the chicken eggs in our old barn, but the older guineas have not started yet thank god, i am enjoying a break from nest hunting.
    So it is your younguns laying them.

    I don't have any photos but the eggs have a tear drop shape compared to chicken eggs.

    Ya want to know for sure try cracking one open it will be very, very hard at least mine are.
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