Guinea Eggs????


9 Years
Jun 18, 2010
Ruston Louisiana
I am about to put my 29 guinea eggs in the bator, what should the humidity be? How long does it take them to hatch? What should the temp be on? Sorry I am asking so many questions but I am new a this. Any help would be gladly appreciated.
If you've hatched chicken eggs the temp and humidity are the same - 99.5 in a forced air incubator and 100.5 in a still air. They take an extra week to hatch. Chickens are 21 days and guineas are 28 days. People are split on humidity. I never measure it. Some people like high humidity but these birds are from Africa so I keep it low until lockdown (day 25). Hope you get a good hatch. I've had 100% with my own - non shipped - eggs. Good luck.
I bought guinea eggs on eBay last Sept. and had a great hatch, but they hatched in 26 days instead of 28. I've read that some do hatch in less than 28 days. I used the same humidity as for chicken eggs. I usually keep it around 40% for the first 18 days then around 60-65% for lockdown for chickens.
im DESPERITLY waiting for my guineas to lay there eggs..... but nothing yet:'( i have 7 females and 2 males. the flock that i got them from was from a buddy and his started laying on th 28th of feb 2011. it march 16th 2011 AND STILL NO EGGS i really hope they start laying soon i cant wait to see what they look like. how big are your eggs in comparison to a chicken egg of like a golfball. is there eny way i can get them to like feel more comfertable and lay sooner?

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