Guinea flocks (new to me)

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  1. I am going to order (my first) either 6 or 8 French Keets this weekend. My goal is to set up 2 seperate flocks to try to rid the property of ticks.

    1.) Can I completely freerange Guineas ?

    2.) What do they need for housing?

    3.) If they are free ranging will they lay in a nesting box if it is available to them?

    4.) How much territory will each flock require to keep them seperate, or should I just keep them as 1 flock?
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    Mine are completely free range.. They have a coop and run that I kept them in till they were 10-12wks old. I removed the top of the run and they come and go as they please.

    I have turned a part of the old hog house into a coop for them. I live in ND so the winters are cold. I didnt heat the coop but its solid and they were protected from the elements. Use a wide perch like 2x4 so they can sit on their feet and keep them from freezing. They still chose to roam around the farm some during the nicer days. They are practically self sufficient in the summer.

    They are ground nesters and prefer a secluded quiet area for nests. A covered corner in the coop with straw should work. (mine still prefer the grass outside tho)There was a poster who had Guineas that layed in the coop tho.

    Guineas must stay 95F until they are fully feathered and then slowly decrease the heat. As Keets they cannot take getting cold.

    On acreage, i am not sure how many you would need. I have 5 on seven acreas and i am going to increase the numbers.

    You will enjoy having them

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