Guinea fowl .VS. Muscovy ducks

Do you have a purpose in mind for them?
Guineas are going to be so very much louder than the muscovies.
If you have neighbors near by, keep the noise in mind.
I would agree, what do you want them for, I can't stand guineas, but like my muscovy ducks, they quietly patrol my yard for bugs, especially at night, I look out the window and there are ducks wandering around after bugs. The only downside is they can breed like rabbits, but I think guineas do too, and of course they are messy with the water. Very quiet.
I'm debating on whether to get Muscovy ducks or guineas what do u think I like them both but I don't have enough room for both so what one should I get Muscovy or Guinea thank u

It depends what you want them for and where you live. Like guys before, I don't like the noise guineas make. Muscovies are quiet. Breed and brood their own young easily and taste delicious. Guineas will fly, make noise, but taste delicious too. Both of those species will eat a lot of insects. Ducks will make mud, Guineas are dry (like chickens).
Same :(

I don't like how people can eat their ducks but I'm not one to tell anybody what to do

They are ducks. Not dogs. Livestock not exactly pets. We treat them as pets but they would never be domesticated and you would never had them today if our ancestors wouldn't domesticated them and use them for farm animals - destined for the table. Same applies to turkeys and chickens. Why are rare breeds of turkeys disappearing? Because hardly anyone eats them!
If people keep eating them they will become more popular and stop being rare breed. By eating them you save them.

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