guinea keet hatched early


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ok had a surprise in the incubator this am i was checking on a batch of americaunas that have been hatching and in my guinea incubator i had a keet sitting on the turner. they are only at day 25?? he/she was alert and active so i took it out and stuck it in the brooder i removed the turner and set rest of eggs in bator with increased humidity. has anyone ever had keets hatch early?
Yes, I've had lots of early hatching keets. Day 24 is very common for my hatches, even had one hatch on day 23 before.

I incubate in Hovabator Genesis 1588s, what kind of incubator are you using?
a little giant still air i have had good results so far on my standard birds with these as i only hatch about once maybe twice a year
I have 61 guinea eggs in the bator now that were supposed to start hatching on
May 28. They started hatching today which is day 24. I have several out already
and lots more pipped.
I wouldn't consider day 25 as being early; my guinea hatches are usually 'done' after day 27. Most all of them hatch on day 25.

ETA: My guineas are not early, that's just when they hatch. I hatch them with several other species and the guineas are the only ones that hatch 'early'.
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update on guineas
two out so far several more pipped so we shall see glad to see that they do this LOL kinda caught me off guard as i still had the turner in the box the first little one was taking a ride back and forth lol
We started our guineas out in a homemade incubator w/ egg turner then split the eggs between 2 broody hens around day 6. Today is day 23 and we woke up this morning to FIVE keets! They had to have hatched last night because at 7 am when I noticed them they were all dry and fuzzy. One hen had 4 hatched, 1 pipped, and 3 not pipped and the other hen had 1 hatched and 6 more eggs. We double checked the calendar and couldn't believe they hatched that early.

Kim, how did your hatch turn out?
for me day 25 most of them hatched than i got 2 or 3 every day after up to day 29 which is today. i just heard a pip as i was removing hatch shells and was like wow so i am giving them to day 30 before i say they are done and starting the clean up and refill

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