Guinea keet with swollen gunky eye. Need help fast.

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May 12, 2009
Sorry for the need help fast bit but the local vert is closing in 40 mins for the weekend.
Here are some pics. Any ideas of what to give it medication wise? The vet nurses say they need to see it but I'm a bit apprehensive about spending $50 on a consultation for a $7 guinea fowl. Thought?



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If you can't see any anomaly on the surface, you may just have pink eye, which you can get Terramycin ointment to treat at TSC. I've heard that regular triple antibiotic can be used, but I've also heard that it's not appropriate. Anyone out there ever use triple antibiotic opthalmically before? Good? Bad?

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Jan 13, 2012
I have just had amazing results with an eye infection using unpasturized honey. Initially I used eye drops that I got from a vet but the infection returned. I have recently become a beekeeper and after attending some meetings with other beekeepers I have learned of the healing properties of honey. Not store bought honey. (most is from China) but local unpasturized liquid honey.

I know it seems wrong to put honey in an eye but my girl didn't mind and it cleared up. It took a few days of me doing it twice a day. Don't mix with water. The honey will be best on it's own. It was used a lot for infections. There is a vet in our town that used honey on wounds. I saw my neighbour treat her dog with it when it had a gash in it's side. I was so skeptical but now that I have seen it I am a believer.

But another thing that it might be is an eye worm. I had a hen with that too once. If you look real close you can see it. It is small and the eye swells but is not infected. I used Piperzine a wormer in powder form. I gave it to a big hen every day for a few days and again in a week if it is an eye worm it can have eggs and cycle around and have more worms.

Because she wouldn't drink the water when I put it in the piperzine in the water I soaked a piece of bread in the wormer powder in a little water. I kept her close to the others but in her own cage.
Good luck

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