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Jul 30, 2011
Hello: I live on 2 acres with woods and partial woods around me. I have a fairly close neighbor on one side of me, and another on the other side that has some woods,pond and some horses in between us. Would 2 acres be to small to have Guineas and to turn them loose everyday. We have alot of ticks. How many would you recomend. Thanks
Chances are they will go into both of your neighbor's yards. If you could make them a run, they could still go outside but not in their yards. First of all you should ask if they would be ok if the guineas wondered into their yard once in a while. Make sure you tell them the benefits of the birds and don't forget that you have the right to raise guineas even if they don't want you to. I think you would be ok with letting them out in the evening and monitering them. I know it's porbably not what you wanted to hear but anything can happen, and they might not go in your neighbors yard, who knows! If you would like to see how it will go, I would just get 2 or 3 and see how it goes! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
The Guineas will most likely go over to your neighbors place somewhat often. But if you explain to them how good they are for ticks, snakes, and many other bugs, they may be alright with it. The noise can get annoying sometimes, but I've gotten used to it.

I'd start with at least 3. If it were me, I'd probably get about 6. Stick with dark colors, such as Pearl and Royal Purple. They are more predator resistant.

Good luck!
We have 1.5 acres but have our back yard fenced with 2x4 welded wire. Our birds stay in our yard. The guineas did leave and needed to be herded back before we put the fence up. They only occasional fly over if 1 get scared but then pace along fence line trying to figure out how to get back. We have a lot of birds but only 10 guineas. think that is more than enough.

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