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    Mar 13, 2011
    We have 5 13-week old, pearl guineas, 3 males and 2 of the loudest, most persistent females in the history of guineas.

    The guineas were brooded in our attached garage until we couldn't keep them out of the rafters, making the entire garage their drop zone, and had a new batch of chicks arriving.
    They currently are housed in the chicken coop, approximately 100ft from the garage. (they have been there for 7 weeks.)
    We live on over 2 acres, have a 1/4 acre garden, three small fenced pastures and at least an acre of grass.

    We planned for them to be able to fly over the outdoor run fence, 6' 6", and they do. They also have the same problem that others have mentioned, that of getting back in the run. Instead they do the mad dash around the perimeter trying to get through the fence instead of going over. For several weeks now we try to pick them up and place them on the top fence board to go over instead of opening the man door, hoping to "train" them to go up and over for the return.

    Q #1. Any creative ways to keep them out of the garage, which is one of two places that they race to when they fly the fenced run? We still have young chicks brooding in the garage and the guineas head straight for the brooder pen and start terrorizing the chicks, pooping everywhere, roosting and pooping in the waterers and feeders, and usually ending up in the rafters for the "RETURN OF THE DIVE BOMBERS". As soon as we see them heading in the direction of the garage we herd them out and away. The only other place they go is to my shade garden and start tearing up my hostas and hydrangea bushes. (Who ever said guineas would only eat bugs and leave the plants untouched forgot to tell the terrors that we have.) The garage door must remain open for our older chicks, who are not ready for integration. They free range and their food and water is kept in the garage.

    Q #2. This week we discovered why two of our 15 week old pullets, that are housed with the guineas. have neck feathers missing. One of the male guineas is attempting to mate with them. Since they are housed together, is this to be expected? Will they produce offspring? We did not expect this, and don't want to sacrifice our chickens to the guineas.

    We wanted guineas to help with bug control on our couple of acres, and from everything that we read keeping them on the property would be a huge concern. These rarely leave the fenced run except to return to the garage.

    I'm very close to finding a new home for them. And yes, I know that at this age it would be very difficult to re-home them.

    Thank you for any help and/or suggestions.

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