Guinea vs. New members


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
NE Indiana
I had my new chickens (2 jap roos and 2 oeg hens) in a cage outside today while I cleaned their coop. My other chickens and guineas were out free ranging. The guineas came over and surrounded the cage and my female guinea started snapping at the cage. It was awful. They dont act like this around the other chickens. Not even when I put an expected hen in the coop. The treat her like she has been there all along. Why are the little ones different?
Guineas don't like strangers and take longer to adjust. Just keep putting the new ones out but protected for a bit yet. Guin will come around eventually.
Back in October I brought 6 standard hens in one night. Put them up to roost and never had a problem. I dont want to do that this time because the new ones are all small bantams.2 jap cocks and 2 oeg hens, maybe 1/3 the size of my guineas.

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