guineas and cocci? is corid safe?

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    Hello... i have lost 3 4week old guineas in the last 10 days. their symptoms are all the same.. the first indication is a ruffled, cold look about them.. moving slower than the rest... when picked up they are bony and emaciated. .. the problem seemed to start when I put hay in their brooder.. ( i know now that was a bad move.).. i was afraid that the dust was too much for them from the shavings.. (not cedar shavings).. the remaining 8 all seem healthy, but some of them do seem to look a bit ruffled.. that is usually the first sign.. after reading for days, and looking for an answer, I am about to treat for cocci... there is no blood in their poop, but I have tried everything else and nothing is working.. the first one I lost was about 10 days ago.. the second, maybe 5 days ago, and one yesterday... i have one who is looking slow and ruffled, and have brought it in the house, it is still eating, but is "resting" alot, and it seems to be going down the same path... I am heading to TS to try to find some corid (they didnt have it last time) question is: should I treat all of them? or will it hurt ones who arent sick... I have given medicated chick starter, AVC (with the mother)..plain yogurt, and am at my wits end.. please someone help... thank you in advance.

    Im pretty sure it is some kind of germ started by something in the hay...thank you.. please anybody.....

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