Guineas are EVIL !


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Bergman, AR
made ya look. i'm on day 7 of incubating 9 guinea eggs. any advice? say evil cuz i had to trim some feathers off of a male guinea and i got bit 5 times in a second or two and had the bruises for almost 3 weeks. evil, i'm tellin ya.
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LOL, been there done that! They are pretty cranky and defensive when you are trying to do anything to them, whether it's for their own good or not, lol. It always helps to have someone else holding all the cranky parts so you can get the task at hand accomplished with minimal bloodshed and bruising! If you don't have a helper, wrapping them in a towel helps, usually.

Oh man, only 7 days into incubation... I think I'd be candling the eggs right about now, looking for any signs of development
(Just cuz I am the impatient type). If you compare the incubated eggs with a fresh one, you should see some color differences that will be fairly noticeable at the air cell end, and maybe even veins/blood vessels starting to form (if you have a really bright light).

Keep your temp stable and your RH around 50% 'til it's time for lockdown and you should have a great hatch. Good luck!
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Been keeping guineas for over a year now and Love them! Love the nuttiness and the range they cover. They are quirky and strange but lots of fun!
Good luck on your hatch.....
Can relate to that, I had one of my male guinea get baling cord wrapped aroung both of his feet and he had to hop everywhere, after chasing him for what seemed like hours, (they can hop almost as fast as they run) I only caught him because he tried to squeeze his body through a hole only his head would fit through. He had my arm bloody by the time we got the cord off his legs, then in gratitude he poop on me just before I let him take off.

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