Guineas roosting with chickens?

Slow Belly Farm

11 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Springfield, MO
Any big problems with this? They were chicks together and are growing up together...they hang together while free ranging like an integrated flock.

Baby rooster (now about 3 months) is already trying to mate with the's kinda hilarious, pins them down, the Guineas squack a bit and it's back to scratching around in the grass.
I have some guineas that were raised with chickens and they are still together. Reason I did this is to have the chickens teach the guineas how to go back to the coop at night. I had heard they like to roost in trees and such and that housing them with chickens will get them to follow the leader so to speak. Mine are going into the coop with the chickens almost every night.

I have one guinea that I hatched and was put in with the baby chicks from one day old. That Guinea doesn't stay with the guinea flock as they travel around the yard checking in on everyone elses coop.

The 12 other guineas which are the same age were bought as young chicks but when I got them home I housed them in with chicks their age. It sure is funny to see that one guinea that was raised with the chickens stay behind while the other guineas play their guinea games. Once in a while I will see him/her join in but is till devoted to the chickens.
They all go in the same coop at night.

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