Gurgling sounds - what is Tylan-50 dosage??? (How many CC's)


6 Years
Mar 18, 2014
North Carolina

We've got two chickens (bantam rooster, Austrolorp hen) that are gurgling. The rooster started out sneezing a few days ago and then turned into gurgling the other day. The hen just started gurgling today and I have them both separated from the flock. We have no aviary vet in my area so I treat them myself. I understand that antibiotic is best for respiratory infections (it's like a cold) and I would really really like for someone to just give me the dosage of how many CC's of Tylan-50 I should be giving them. Actually it's my husband that gives them the shot.

Thank you for reading my post and answering! (the sooner the better!!!)

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