Hackles going up when I pick up


8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
Roanoke, VA
I have 1 girl who is later maturing than the others I got her with but she seems to be at the top of the pecking order. I have noticed lately that when I pick her up in the evening to put her back in the coop/run area she raises her hackles at me like she is mad (when I am carrying her). Is this normal and do I have to worry about it? I am not so worried about myself but sometimes my kids (ages 9 and 7) have the job of putting the girls in before bedtime and I don't want to have to worry about her doing any harm to one of the kids.
How old is she? Could be a he...?
Roosters mature/feather slower than the girls.
I got them May 2, 2011. Thought that they were a few days old. But then TSC told me that they were probably a little older 2-3 weeks?? So She is anywhere from 17-19 weeks old - I would guess. We did have a roo and it was very evident. He now has a new home. Not a roo, waddles and comb just strating to get bigger and turn red. I think she has an attidude problem. We live in the city and they are not supposed to "free range"; however, I usually let them out when I get home from work and they will go into the coop at night but on those occasions that I am going somewhere or taking a walk where I get home after it gets dark, I will pick them up and put them in the run/coop and close it up so that can't "free range" but can still hang out in the run until I lock them up when it gets dark. Poor girls didn't get to roam the yard tonight because I went out after work! Love my chickens!

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