Hactch Due on Monday, There hatching and OMG Power goes out!!!!!


10 Years
Mar 20, 2009
Well last week I had 11 out of 12 hatch that started on Sunday and went to Wednesday

And now I have 9 that was on day 18 Yesterday ""Friday"" I candeled them and Couldn't get any light threw them and looked the same as last week so I guess they are all good. So In the hatcher they went..... Fingers crossed anyway

Sunday-Monday with some luck they should start to hatch

All 9 eggs are from Delaware pullets crossed to Cuckoo Maran Rooster

Last week I had 7 of them hatch, I have the 9 due to hatch soon and another 12 due to hatch on June 28th.

With a bit of luck I will end up with a nice laying flock for next spring
from my Delaware x Maran crosses
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Today is day 21 Whoo hooo, and I came home to find that 4 of the 9 have pipped

Now the going crazy and waiting game begins
and check the incubator every 2 minutes lol, lol
Update I woke up to 2 chicks in the incubator and 2 more were trying to work their way out but I had to rush off to work

I can't wait to get this day over and get home to see how things are going

I will post up some pics this evening
well i hope you come home to more chickies...im getting ready to go out and peek under my hen and see if the rest hatched...
she was proubly glad it was night time so i would leave her alone...
Where to start??????

Well I got home around 4pm and of course the 1st thing I did was to check the incubator because when I left for work I had 2 chicks that had hatched. When I checked it I had 6 fuzzy butts running around and 2 others had pipped.

So I took the 6 out to the brooder and I came back in just in time to watch #7 hatch out :)

Around 4:30pm a Thunder Storm came thru and knocked the power out!!!!! OMG what Bad, Bad timing!!!!!

So the situation was;
In the Hatcher I had one hatched and still wet, one that was piped about a 1/4" and the last egg I had heard a chirp earlier when I took the 6 out to put them in the Brooder.

Well I waited as long as possible until the incubator/Hatcher dropped to 85 degrees and feared the one that was piped would die due to getting cold. I waited as long as I could and took the hatched chick and put in with the rest to keep warm and had them right beside me to keep close watch.
Next I got the one that was piped and started working to get little chicky out before it got to cold and died.

What I done;
I started picking at the shell slowly but surely and I would take a little off then wet the membrane down with warm water and hold it to my chest for a few minutes at a time to attempt to warm it up a bit.

It took me about 15 to 20 minutes before I got the chick out and was VERY HAPPY to see the yoke had been absorbed so it had a chance.

Once it was free I rushed out to the car started it up and got the heater going full blast and slowly but surely got her dried off and warm and she was doing the wobbling around thing in my hands while I sweated my butt off, might I add worth every drop.

Just after I was coming in to put chicky in with the rest to help stay warm the power came back on, go figure

I still have the one egg that has not hatched yet and I have the incubator back up to temp now and will give it to Wednesday before I give up total hope on it.

I have the other dozen in the regular incubator that I hope makes it?? They are just in the 1st week so there is some hope. It took 2 hour and had a slow drop to 82 degrees and warmed back up now in 3 hour time frame, I will let them go full term and will keep my fingers crossed.

All in all I have to be grateful because I saved the one from certain doom and ended up with 8 out of 9 even with the power going out during the hatch.

The 1st to hatch



7th to hatch




Fuzzy's warming up


And little #8 Chicky that I ahd to help when the power went out

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OMGosh!!! I am so glad they made it. WOW! What an ordeal to have to go through!! You should give the little one you rescued a special name Like Hope, or faith, or Miracle!

Sounds like you did an awsome job through all this!!!!

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