Had a duck egg explode this morning.


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May 27, 2020
We are hatching duck eggs in a hovabator 1602 still air incubator and are on day 16 and had one explode this morning. I couldn't do anything with it since I had to go to work, so my son got the egg out and cleaned most of it up where the egg was. I need to finish cleaning the incubator up and clean the little bit of rotten egg that got on the others. The eggs were fairly dirty from the lady I got them from but I cleaned them the best I could with my finger nails before we started the incubation. Please advise what we should do......in cleaning the incubator up and how to clean the eggs up and what to use....thanks
Cleaned the incubator. I just need to know what everyone thinks on cleaning the eggs and what to use and what to do. Thanks
An exploding egg is an awful smell. And it is full of bacteria. Quickly rinse the incubator with a WEAK solution of bleach and water and a drop of detergent. Dry it out and put the eggs back in. Styrofoam holds the smell too. So be aware of that.

I dont know what will happen to any eggs that came in contact with the rotten egg. I would wipe it off with clean water and see what happens. Its 50 50 at this point but i would still continue to incubate it.

Candling at day 9 or 10 is important to get rid of bad eggs not developing. I do it at least by day 14 because by then i personally know for sure to throw them out.

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