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Sep 1, 2009
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So last month a Peking Duck disappeared, not a huge suprise, the three would go out on the main pond with my Roun's daily and at some point a dog going past was going to get one because these three slept on the side like old men, you could walk up and pick one up. Well two days later I notice my guinea's are missing their #5 member, now they where roosting since the spring on top of the coop, so they where inside what I considered "Fort Chicken" so at this point I am thinking I have a dog problem, so I ask my daughters and they say "you know, the wire around the coop looks distorted quite a bit" - after reminding them that since they day to day caretakers they need to tell me this stuff as it happens (they are 10 and 12) I go down and sure enough I can identify due to an excessive amount of "down" where a duck has been removed in a small hole in the fence. I get out the usual (pull ties) and get to work tightning up the fence, re configing the barbed wire, patching holes etc. I also pull out the trap (it's a hav a heart but nothing ever survived being trapped) Since this animal snuck in and was smart enough to get out I go right past possum to racoon or weasal - also the way some old chicken wire had been pulled apart was a good indication that it was more coon than weasal. So I am figuring this will be two nights max and we'll be clear of the issue,,,,, the racoon way smarter than me lol - so finally tally for the racoon was 3 ducks out of 9, 1 guinea, 1 rhode island red (when I had sealed off everything it went though a window into the coop) and countless marshmellows/chicken legs etc. I finally caught it when I remembered something I once read on this forum, only let them see it from the front of the trap so they have to walk in - than can't resist once they know it's in there - so wrapped trap in black plastic for garden so wasn't to heavy and sure enough had him within 4 hrs. Wasn't big coon, in fact sorta on the small side but he did enjoy a fresh dinner and was light enough that my light fencing on the top that meant to bend over and "dump" possums / coons / cats etc back wasn't a hinderence for him. So now I am looking for a good solar electric fence lol

Anyway, thank you whoever it was who mentioned the wrapping the trap last year, i appreciate it!

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