Had to go in and get 6 more...PICS


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Jan 29, 2011
Dover, PA
Went in to TSC for the second time this week....gathered another 6 for our brood! Now we are up to 9!
This was a group of assorted red pullets (could be RIR, New Hampshire Reds, Sex links, or production reds...) As far as I know, they are all good egg layers right? I was trying to pick the more orangey colored ones as opposed to the more yellow colored ones (trying to go for RIR...?) I picked one small yellow one just for fun! ha ha

All are doing really well, and our 3 speckled sussex we got on Monday night are taking the newbies well! They are all snuggled together sleeping! awwwwww, so sweet.:lol:PICS
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gilligans island

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Feb 3, 2011
Valleyford Wa.
Heard that! went to the feed store a second time ourselves! Had to make an addition with buff orpingtons (2) to go along with
the 4 other breeds we got saturday. all good egg laying breeds. got pics on our page.

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