Hair pros out there? Need help


Aug 30, 2015
8th grade winter formal; I bought the dress and shoes below. I can't figure out what to do with my hair! I'm definitely going to the hair salon, but I need to know what to tell them. I have very dark brown, thick, curly hair, which is frizzy but can be straightened with an hour of work. I want a hairstyle that matches me; I'm smart, kind, goody-two-shoes, not very social, and I wear brown glasses which will probably not go very well with the outfit
I also wear my hair in a frizzy ponytail, and my hair is about shoulder length(maybe a bit longer, haven't seen my hair straight in ages). So if you have suggestions, please let me know. I don't want it straight and out, I feel like that just isn't me. Thanks!
Emerald Sundae Juniors Dress, Sleeveless One-Shoulder - Juniors Dresses - Macy's (champagne colored)
Sigh...I'm a Mom...that's very grown up clothes for a smart goodie-two-shoes girl. Sorry, just got to say it. I remember what it was like to just want to be noticed! I was the same as every way you just described yourself...except no curly hair. LOL Don't get noticed in ways you shouldn't, it's so not worth it. Get noticed because you are amazing and brilliant and a friend to everyone.

Okay, on to your hair. Why not have it straightened but have some wave added back to it and wear it down? One small glittery clip holding it back from your face.
That seems pretty simple enough - good, because I don't want my hair to be more dazzling than me!
I just like the dress because I think it looks nice on me, and it was cheaper than the 100 dollar dresses... My dad saw a picture of me in the dress, and the shoes, and asked if I was going to see the president; my mom says the teachers won't recognise me! And I'm not the type that asks for attention, but the dress is comfy and pretty, I couldn't help myself. It's also more for me rather than another person, since I'm going with myself.
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