hairline cracks in fat end of eggs


got 'dottes?
11 Years
Jul 14, 2008
Stamping Ground, KY
Are hairline cracks caused by low calcium content or roughness after lay? The cracks are slightly darker colored on my EEs' eggs making them visible. This makes me feel this is an internal problem with the hen. I feed grower/finisher crumbles with oyster shell on the side. I have mixed age birds together (16 week pullets with laying hens) hence the grower/finisher for all.

Also, I sell my eggs for food consumption. Are hairline cracks uneatable due to bacterial contamination? I've read posts where folks wax the cracks so they can incubate them. Are these eggs still actually intact?

I've googled this site but didn't find an answer?

Colby in KY


11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
Irwin, Pennsylvania (Pittsburg area)
I wouldn't expect the hens to lay very well on a grower/finisher feed. They are probably not getting enough calcium for laying and a finisher feed would cause unwanted weight gain in your layers. Unwanted fat in the body cavity can help cause egg laying problems.

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