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5 Years
Mar 18, 2014
Today I was out doing yard work and decided today would just as good as any to let the gang have the backyard. I called my kids and told them to gather all the reds and put them in the backyard. They jumped at the chance to get their hands on a chicken. A few moments later they where all in the back loving life.

I noticed the Roos stayed with the Roos and the Hens with the Hens. Is that natural? I left the Ideal and the Barred in the coop area they aren't as big as the others and I feared they may escape the safety of the back yard.
What age are they? Still younger or all mature birds? If they are not mature yet they may be doing like a lot of wild animals, bachelor groups and female groups. If mature I don't know whats up. Mine either all mingle or roo goes off and hand full of hens follow them. But all my birds are 9-12 months old. And I have 6-7 roos with 45iish pullets.

Then again if its 1st time in a long time it may have been a group safety mentality. Boys more adventurous than girls? Girls more careful bigger group?

Just some ideas
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That could be a good factor. Not yet mature and therefor the difference in instinct. When they mature it will probably work a lot different. Dominate rooster will have a group he follows, or follows him. Less dominate will either run with a couple lone hens or maybe with another rooster. I have some that just go off all alone and have the occasional hen follow them. But when they find something special and call a girl is always within ear shot and comes running.

For now I think its like teenagers. Brave boys and timid girls. In 10 weeks it will probably be completely different. When hormones kick in. Think of them as pre puberty kids. Boys with toy soldiers and girls with dolls and dresses (Sorry for the stereotyping. Note these are NOT how my kids are. Just an general example, if way old school type of thinking.)
Cool. I just noticed it and thought it was different. In a few weeks those boys won't be able to stand each other I'm sure. I just have to watch for that. As for now all is well. Thanks

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