Half hatched duckling dilemma....


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
I have a duckling who pipped on Sunday morning and then zipped but never went anywhere from there. I opened the end of the shell Monday night to see what was up and the duckling is just hanging out in there peeping away. I figured the best thing was to let him be and he would come out when he was ready but he hasn't. I was thinking about helping further but when I was candling the lone egg left in the incubator last night I took a peek around the shell of the half hatched duckling and there is still quite a bit of yolk left in the bottom of the shell. We are on day 32 now so I am not sure how much longer I can leave things alone. I draped a damp paper towel over him (not tight, he can breathe) but the membrane is still drying out and sticking to him.

Should I help it the rest of the way or just leave it alone for a few more days until I can't see any yolk left?
I am sorry no one has replied to you ! I am not much help since I have only hatched Chicks but I will do some research and try to get back to you.....Good Luck!

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