Halloween is next month... true scary stories..


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I am sure someone has done this already on the forum, but with Halloween around the corner, what are some of the scariest things that have ever happened to you?

Mine have definitely had to be this year. In January my younger sister was killed in a tragic accident ( it was snowing/slick and a car hit her when she was walking across an intersection.) Since then my parents place (her favorite place on earth) has been decidedly weirder even than usual.

It started the day of the funeral when my little nephew kept saying that my sister wasnt gone, that she was talking to him. He insisted and didnt change his story.

The following weekend, myself, my youngest daughter and youngest son were upstairs in one of the bedrooms of my parents place, just talking.
We thought we had heard someone come into the house so my son went down to look.
There was nothing.
We heard it again.
Still nothing.
Then the third time my son jokingly yelled out my sisters name and said if she wanted to talk to us, we were upstairs.
Suddenly there was a thumping, almost racing down the hallway! We all looked at each other wide eyed and I was thinking "crap!! She's coming upstairs!!" But the footsteps ended at the bottom of the stairs. My sister had a very distinctive walk, not quiet at all and that is what we heard.

My daughter has been down in their living room alone several times and seen a figure passing behind her in the empty TV screen.

My son has been playing video games down in the basement and had the potato bin door open on its own. Twice. This is the door that you just about have to put your entire weight into to get it to move.
He doesnt go down to the basement much anymore, he says he gets cold chills up his spine.

Last but not least, on several occasions, the latest being last weekend, I have gone downstairs in the middle of the night to hear someone moving around down in the family room.(basement) I guess I should qualify that by saying this is where my sister always slept while staying at my parents.

Their house, where I grew up, has always been a little "creepy" (loads of stories involving myself and six siblings, numerous cousins). I think its the unexpectedness of what has happened in this past year that throws me. I dont think she (if it IS her) is meaning to frighten us.

Okay, someone elses turn!
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my mother passed away in april of 2004 at 11:30 am.....(keep this time in mind) after her funeral a few weeks later we were going through her belongs...giving each child what they had bought her. well i had bought her this really expensive old fashined clock that she wanted for christmas 1 year. when she died the clock stopped working. i brought it home and set it on the end table next to her picture.
well at 11:00 am the next day i noticed the second hand of the clock moving...just a few clicks and then it stopped... i looked at it and said naww i was imagining it....the next day my dd was watching tv and looked at the clock at 11 and the second had was moving. she called for me but it had stopped by the time i got to her.;i wondered to myself that she seen it too....
to this day guys that clock will tick just 4 seconds and then stop....all at 11:00 am......wierd....?
My MIL passed away in 1996, six months before my hubby and I even started dating. About a year after we started dating we moved in together. My FIL came to visit us and said some really horrible things about my deceased MIL. After he left hubby and I stated that we didn't believe what was said, and if anything it was probably FIL who had done the "horrible things" he had said. Immediately after we said that, the case to our VHS version of Guilty As Sin flew across the room!

Another time I had put some Angels that hubby's grandmother had given me ontop of the tv for decor. MIL and Hubby's grandmother didn't get along at all. That night when we were in bed we heard some serious crashing in the livingroom. Ran out and both Angels had been thrown across the room!

We believed his mother was still in the house, as she had died there after battling ALS.

Now FIL has built his house right over top where her bedroom in the old house used to be. He has seen a flash of something blue running through his house and twice while he was asleep his house has caught fire!! Right behind the chair he was sleeping in!!!

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